Sometimes you need to think in new directions to make change happen. Now it’s happening and the medium of change is an investment bank.

We have gotten used to think about banks as cold and cynical businesses without much understanding for neither human values nor our planet.

We want to change this perception by enabling imaginative people and surplus material to come together and propel creative and social impact.

Our mission is to explore the potential
of surplus materials together with companies, institutions and creatives across the planet.

In this open source project, we wish to invite creatives to take part in sharing value through our ecosystems of ideas and projects.

This is the foundation of our bank.
Bank of Materials.

Welcome to Bank of Materials,
We connect makers with materials

Bank of Materials

The very first Bank of Materials (BOM) opened in Aarhus in the beginning of September 2019. Together with Aarhus School of Architecture (AARCH), Sørensen Leather, ZURFACE and Dinesen
we connect makers with materials.

In BOM we believe in the untapped creative potential of surplus materials.

 The bank operates with a currency of materials, knowledge and inspiration in exchange of great stories and documented processes.


Our materials are available for students, graduates, artists and other makers with great projects.

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To get a donation you need to fill out our form. Wait for a response - we will typically answer within a few days, and aim to connect you with materials within two weeks. If your request is approved, the materials can be collected at our headquaters at New Neighbour.

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We collaborate with material suppliers who give access to a variety of surplus wood, natural stones, fabric and leather. The companies are chosen due to their high quality and strong potential.

All of the materials are available in the bank and through cross-organisational collabs.


From Dinesen we have ash and douglas with remarkable knots and crevices in a variaty of dimensions.

Read more about Dinesen


From Sørensen Leather we have hides with their very own features and characteristics.

Read more about Sørensen Leather

Natural Stones

From ZURFACE we have a variety of cobblestones and off cuts.

Read more about Zurface

Open Call

We invite you to experiment with our materials from Kvadrat, ZURFACE, Sørensen Leather and Dinesen.

All materials posses imperfect nature, knots, scars, cracks, defects and can be seen as carriers of unique information.

How can these materials be
transformed through a variety of disciplines and bring new research, architecture or design into life.

We encourage you to visit us within our opening hours, to have a chat and sense the materials.

You can also apply for materials in the submission form below.


BOM is a open source bank. The value is of social nature and the currency is materials.

Our wish is to follow along and unfold the processes, stories and insights that spring from working with the materials.

We invest materials in makers and projects we believe in. We do this on the basis of the following three parameters: Experimental, Realizable, Impactful.

We hope you will take these three parameters into account when applying for materials for your project.


- Does the project seek to explore, combine, challenge or transform the materials?


- Is the project relevant within a given field of study, is it contemporary, or is it of interest to a specific group of people?

- Can the project or important parts of it be realized with surplus materials from BOM and with the skillset and tools available to the maker?

- Is developing the final result/research, as well as handing over project deliverables (photos, sketches, renderings, etc.) possible within the timeframe set by the maker?


- To what extent will the project be available in an exhibition format, publication, on digital/physical platforms or other?

- Does the project have a particular social focal point?

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*Please note that we wish to to document and follow your creative processes if you are granted materials.